Pocket sized, convenient, protein based shakes that make healthy nutrition simple.

Our Mission

No matter your eating habits or your body shape all women can benefit from nutrient rich diets, to help regulate hormonal imbalances, strengthen immunity, increase keratin production and keep cognitive function en pointe. We wanted to create a brand that embraces this in a world full of body shaming and unrealistic ideals that along with a hectic lifestyle, can often lead to a stop, start health journey. So you know wherever you’re at you can always start, or restart, that journey with us.

Help us to change the world, so that all women no matter your body type, can love themselves simply because it’s what you deserve.

For All Women, For Every Body.

Why we started BOXD

There’s a lot of misconception around protein, mostly that it may bulk up body mass… not exactly true. We felt that this resulted in a barrier for some women to feel comfortable taking protein based supplement powders, and therefore they’d miss out on promoting regular cell function and the benefits in overall mood, mind and body. So thats why our values are centred around:

Female Focused – Our shakes contain a unique blend of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to help improve women’s health

Health – All additions to our formula have been made with your daily nutritional needs in mind, so you grasp each day with two hands!

Convenience – Packaging our powder into sachets you can take anywhere

Environment – Our shakes are sustainably sourced, and our packaging is all either biodegradable or fully recyclable