There's A New (Big) Bag In Town.

Since we've embarked on this amazing journey, one question has come up again and again (no, it's actually not what hell are two men playing at creating a product for women!).

'We love your sachets, but do you ever intend on stocking some larger pouches?'

Well, that time is now. We listened, brainstormed and iterated so that we could provide you with a large bag that is not only eye-catching but most importantly, continues our pledge to package our shakes in materials that are either fully recyclable or bio-degradable. Our paper based pouches do exactly that.

Keeping with this theme, we also had a difficult decision to make. As a sustainable company, the last thing we wanted to do was riddle you with single-use plastic scoops that would either clutter your cutlery draw or end up in landfill. With that thought in mind, it also occurred to us that for the majority of you, access to a scoop is the least of your worries! Therefore, we've decided not to provide scoops with our pouches at this time. Instead, we have beautiful branded 15g wooden scoops available for purchase for a small fee for anybody who might need one. 

Hopefully you'll agree with our reasoning and intention to put the environment first, but if not please don't hesitate to jump on live chat and tell us why! 

Anyway, that's enough of an intro I think, with further adieu, you can now purchase our 700g pouches in premium whey or plant based.


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