Premium Whey Isolate

From £19.97

Plant Based Pea Protein

From £19.97

Our Unique Multi-Nutrient Blend


Replaces iron lost through mensturation, keeping our energy levels high.

Vitamin B Complex

Maintains brain function and keeps hair skin and nails healthy

Vitamin C Complex

Keeps your skin looking healthy & your immune system strong

Electrolyte Complex

Regulates pH levels, eases period cramps and keeps us hydrated

Free Extras In Each Box

We work with companies that share our values, providing you with free samples or discount codes from some of our friends!

Clean Nutrition

No Added Sugars
Soy Free

As Seen In


“I am so impressed with the BOXD shakes they taste good and are a good consistency, not bitty like other brands or tasteless. The single use pre measured sachets are so convenient. Easy to pop in my bag which is great as a busy mum. The fact that these shakes have all the vitamins in that a woman needs is incredible. I have finally found my go to shake.”
- Celeste Hubbard

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