Quite simply, BOXD is a sustainable and convenient protein packed wellness shake, specifically designed for women on the go. It provides you with up to 24g protein and 16 essential micronutrients, partially included to mitigate common deficiencies faced by UK women.

BOXD has not been designed as a weight loss product but can be used as part of a fat loss diet. The key point to note for fat loss is to be in a calorie deficit over time; therefore you could eat less calories than the body uses to function per day, or by expending more calories via activity and exercise. We always stress to get your main source of nutrition via food and do not advise using BOXD as a meal replacement.

BOXD has different tastes depending on the product you try or the flavour of the product you try. Though generally speaking, BOXD powder has a delicious flavour and luxurious texture, a testament to our use of real ingredients and flavourings, such as the raw cacao found in our Double Chocolate Brownie options. For more specific information on BOXD product flavours, check out the descriptors on each product page.

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Simple answer. Yes!

We do not sell or provide free sample pouches of our powders at this time.

Yes, BOXD's Plant Based Pea & White Hemp powders are totally vegan!

We use Stevia for a number of reasons:

1. It doesn’t add any calories or carbohydrates which means the nutritional value of our products are protected
2. It’s a much healthier option than many other sweeteners
3. It's plant based 🌱

We state 'No GMO' on the website because it's important to some consumers, whether you share the same view is another matter. In the UK and EU there are genetically modified corn and rapeseed varieties that are approved for use in foods, but we feel they offer no benefits for BOXD in terms of cost, consumer acceptability, and several other factors. Therefore, BOXD is GMO-free.

Concerns about GMOs should be made on an individual crop and technology basis, and it's important to read a variety of scientific sources to develop a better overall view of GMOs.

Like a lot of new and smaller businesses, we don’t own the farms that grow our ingredients or the factories that blend and package them. We buy our ingredients from intermediary companies who process the raw ingredients into powders.

It is really important to us that we only work with suppliers and manufacturing partners that share the same values and goals as we do. So we have done our homework!

Absolutely. All BOXD products are fine to have during pregnancy, but they should be limited to one serving a day as there are different nutritional requirements during this period.

There are no ingredients in any of our products that are bad for nursing/lactating mothers, and they all should be fine to consume. However, we suggest you discuss this with your doctor or health visitor in case there are any clinically-specific reasons why they wouldn’t be suitable.

BOXD whey powders contain very low lactose content due to our use of a 90% isolate, however it may still not be suitable for some people with IBS. In this case we'd recommend using our plant based powders as these tend to irritate the bowel less, however, we recommend that you start with half a serving (1/2 of a sachet) and see how you tolerate it.

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