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Wellness Shakes for women on the go.
Shakes That Go Anywhere You Go

Developed by our experts, our shakes are packed full of some pretty powerful multi-nutrients combined with high quality protein blends to keep you energetic and feeling great without the bloating.

Click below to read our guide to protein where we tackle all of the myths!

Wellness For Women

Great Taste

Our customers say we are the best tasting shake they've tried. That's saying something!

Super Healthy

We've packed our shakes with vitamins essential for health, like iron, Vitamin D and more!

Ready To Go

Easy & convenient. Our sachets fit in a pocket or handbag.

As Seen In


Our Unique Multi-Nutrient Blend


Replaces iron lost through mensturation, keeping our energy levels high.

Vitamin D

Keeps our bones and immune system strong.

Vitamin B Complex

Maintains brain function and keeps hair skin and nails healthy.

Vitamin C

Keeps your skin looking healthy & your immune system strong!

Electrolyte Complex

Regulates pH levels, eases period cramps and keeps us hydrated.

Golden Flaxseed

High in ALA and fibre, for a healthy heart and improved digestion.

Free Extras In Each Box

We work with companies that share our values, providing you with free samples or discount codes from some of our friends!

Some Of Our Partners

Kind To Our Planet

We take care to ensure that you can get rid of all of our packaging sustainably, so you can easily do your part, whilst we do our part to protect our planet.

High Quality

Rich raw cacao, the highest quality sources of protein and so much more. We only give you the very best for your body.

Premium Protein

We only use the highest quality protein in our shakes. Choose from our smooth plant based Pea & White Hemp or our Premium Whey Isolate.

Plant Based

We only use the natural plant based sweetener, Stevia in our shakes.
Plant Based Pea & White Hemp
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People ❤️ Our Protein

Delicious, beautiful sustainable packaging, and great customer service. Would recommend to any first time protein powder users!

Alexandra Gray

There are so many reasons I recommend it: the delicious flavour (not that usual chalky protein flavour), the recyclable and pretty packaging, all the vitamins included (no more pill boxes in the morning), the handy portion sized sachets...the list goes on.

Jodie McYoung

Wellbeing Bites

We've got Greek yogurt with a twist for you today, you guessed it, a protein twist! 
We've got a fiery protein packed recipe for you to try your hands at! A delicious treat that works equally well, whether you have it for breakfast or dessert.