Pocket-sized nutrition shakes, prepared in their exact measurements to make being healthy easy.

For All Women and Every Body.

Gail Fildes
Gail Fildes
Such a lovely company to have contact me. As a small instagram account I was surprised to have them message me and ask me for their opinion. The products are small and easy to use, it’s very tasty (i had the vanilla whey protein) and its so quick! literally 20 seconds from sachet to shaker! I added oat milk & some flavour drops to mine and even made some banana pancakes. Very much worth the money and highly recommend!
Sophie Aldred
Sophie Aldred
I absolutely love my BOXD protein. The packaging it comes in is lovely and the extra goodies in the box is a lovely touch. The sachets the protein come in are so convenient for me to pop in my bag when I go to work/away. They are mess free and recyclable. I mix my protein with both milk and oats and it tastes amazing in both. The chocolate is my favourite, it tastes like a lovely milkshake 😋 there is no nasty artificial flavour unlike other protein brands I have used and it blends really well. I was recently iron deficient and it’s great that the protein is full of vitamins and minerals. I highly recommend this protein to any female looking to up their protein game and live a healthy lifestyle!
Jenny Worthington
Jenny Worthington
I have loved using this product so far. It's convenient, tasty and helps support my specific needs. The brand itself has a great ethos and it is definitely something I would recommend to others.
Sophie Baldwin
Sophie Baldwin
Really loved my first box of the vanilla vegan protein powder! Goes great in a shake for after my workouts but also works great in recipes. Will definitely continue to use.
Molly Bedford
Molly Bedford
BOXD have produced an amazing product that tastes great, is super smooth and comes in convenient compostable packages! I not only love the protein but also the ethos behind the company, focusing on female health and being environmentally friendly is a massive win for me! Would 100% recommend this product and will be ordering more protein as soon as my current packets run out!
I couldn't be happier with the whey isolate I received from BOXD protein. It tastes amazing, mixes well in my oats, comes in handy packets that I can keep in my bag, and is environmentally friendly. I am very health conscious and with the amount of vitamins and minerals in this product, it means I no longer have to worry about whether I am meeting my daily nutritional needs. Being lactose intolerant, I was also super impressed with how well this product agreed with me! I can't imagine how I lived my life without it now. Cannot fault the customer service either, which is a win for me. Thank you BOXD for bringing the product I have needed in my life for years.
Heather Keats
Heather Keats
Really loved receiving my first BOXD of vanilla vegan shake. It felt like a real gift to myself with the beautiful packaging and extra freebies! The shake itself was really easy to blend and very tasty. Will definitely be back for more. Heather
Fantastic service from beginning to end. The quality of the protein is extremely good - very smooth and mixes extremely well! Will definitely repurchase.
Frieda Al-Fiani
Frieda Al-Fiani
Taking protein based shakes aren’t normally my thing because I usually associate it with bulking or for men. I saw BOXD on Instagram and was intrigued because it had additional vitamins and minerals. I’ve started to really take my fitness seriously because of all the lockdowns and extra time I had, so I did feel like it was important for me to take something to help me pursue my fitness goals. I ordered the vanilla whey and initially followed the preparation advice and thought that the smell and consistency was perfect! The taste was even better. I have tried some powders as a one off in the past and always found the thought of the powder with water a bit sickly and never understood how people downed them! However, this sachet was easily drinkable, especially as it mixed so well. The packaging is also so cute and sustainable, which is an added bonus!

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For women, to make staying healthy easy.

Get 14 or 20 pocket-sized sachets straight to your door or desk and make your shake in 10 seconds.

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Choose Your Shake

We understand how hard it can be to stay healthy in a world that demands so much brain power for other things. That’s why we provide the options that make looking after your health easier from just £1 per sachet.

  • whey

    Premium Whey Isolate

    • 14 sachets from £19.99
    • 20 sachets from £23.99
    • Organic & Natural.
    • Packs 24g of protein
    • Packed with our House Vitamin blend, including iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and more!!
    • Low lactose content so easy on the tummy
    • Comes in delicious Double Chocolate Brownie and Madagascan Vanilla flavours

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  • vegan 3

    Powerful Vegan Pea & White Hemp

    • 14 sachets from £19.99
    • 20 sachets from £23.99
    • Plant based protein. A blend of pea and white hemp protein.
    • Packs 21g of organic plant goodness in one sachet
    • Packed with our House Vitamin blend, including iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and more!!
    • Comes in both delicious Double Chocolate Brownie and Madagascan Vanilla flavours
    • Contains the same powerful vitamins as our premium whey blend

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  • girl3

    “I loved the convenience, the protein mixes well and the transportability is really useful, helping with my gym routine”

    @tabslifts, Tabitha Lofts
  • girl2

    “The double chocolate brownie vegan was one of the best I’ve tasted and it’s so easy to transport”

    @bethantomo, Bethan Thomas
  • girl1

    “I really liked the flavour, it sat well in my stomach and had great consistency”

    @tessastannard, Tessa Stannard

Womens Health At Our Core

Our whole range of powders comes with a blend of vitamins and minerals specifically designed to give you the necessary health boost, and we offer a subscription model to help you to stay healthy consistently, saving you the time and energy to focus on what really matters.

  • cficon-1

    Vitamin B Complex

    Healthy Cells

  • cficon-2

    Vitamin D

    Strong Bones

  • cficon-3


    Energy Levels

  • cficon-4

    Vitamin C

    Stronger Immune System

  • electro1

    Electrolyte Complex

    Muscle and Nerve Function

  • cficon-6


    Gut Health + Omega 3 Fats

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Prepared in it’s exact measurements to make being healthy, easy.

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